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Caffeine Roller Coaster Freedom Challenge

That's right. Caffeine freedom. Because when you quit caffeine, there's a whole new level of freedom that comes with no longer being a slave to the addiction. You can finally get off the caffeine roller coaster.

Did you know that caffeine is one of the world's most consumed drugs? More than 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide. This doesn't even include energy drinks, sodas, or chocolate consumption.

If you drink coffee and you're experiencing heightened anxiety, insomnia, jitters or gut health issues, cutting caffeine just may be the answer you've been looking for.

Which is why we want you to join us for a CAFFEINE FREEDOM CHALLENGE!

To make it more fun, we're giving away an awesome prize pack :)

**Must be a resident of Canada or the United States to enter**

How to Enter

Step 1

Enter your name and email into the form below. You'll instantly receive a FREE copy of our e-guide "10 Tips to Kick Caffeine (For Good!)" It's chock full of great information to get you started on your caffeine-free journey.

PLUS - we will gift you a 2 for 1 coupon code on our sample packs, if you want to try some Nummy coffee alternative during the challenge!

Step 2

Follow us on IG - During the challenge we will be sharing stories, tips and valuable content that will keep you motivated to stay on track.


Extra Entries

Tag us in a post on IG sharing your caffeine-free experience @nummy_creations, and use the hashtag #caffeinefreedom to gain an additional 5 entries!