nummy cortado (caffeine-free, dairy-free)

nummy cortado (caffeine-free, dairy-free)

If you've never tried a cortado, now is the perfect opportunity. It's a traditional Spanish coffee, but with a nummy twist! An espresso alternative with equal parts num-spresso and steamed milk, served in a Gibraltar or cortado glass. It is robust, smooth and silky. The flavors are perfectly balanced which makes this drink an instant hit.



# of servings: 1




2 ounces* num-spresso (1/2 tbsp nummy mixed with 2 ounces hot water)

2 ounces steamed milk (Full-fat milk or oat milk for dairy-free option)

Cortado glass or gibraltar glass




Make the num-spresso: Boil 2 ounces of water and mix with 1/2 tbsp of nummy original blend.

Steam the milk: you can use an espresso machine, a frother, french press or whisk. Use 1/2 cup milk for this process. Discard the leftovers or make 2 drinks!

Serve: Pour 2 ounces num-spresso into the cortado glass, then top with the steamed milk. Drink immediately. Add ice for a chilled version!


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