• all-natural
  • vegan
  • certified
  • sugar-free
  • caffeine-free
  • certified

Caffeine-Freedom with a delicious coffee experience


The OG. Rich. Bold. No fuss. Original helps you cross off your to-do list in all it’s unflavored glory. Tasting the most like coffee, it’s full-bodied with a roasted, slightly sweet taste. Drink it black or add what you like – it’s yours to shape.


The reliable one. It’s soft, sweet aroma with a smoky marshmallow-like flavor will never let you down. Vanilla’s subtle and assuring presence stays with you through thick and thin. Take on your morning knowing trusty Vanilla is by your side.

Chocolate Mint

The BFF. When curling up in your PJ’s sounds dreamy, but you’ve got a day to slay. Enjoy a little cocoa comfort with a refreshing zing of mint to level you out but keep you sharp to tackle your day. Put a little whip on top for added OMG factor.


The alluring one. When you wake up feeling like the irresistible, gorgeous star that you are, your morning cup’s gotta shine too. Indulge in the sweet, nutty, buttery flavor of Caramel, completely guilt free. Now get out there and show the world what you’re made of.

Pumpkin Spice

The childhood BFF. Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice transport you back to the smell of home; of changing seasons, falling leaves and curling up under a cozy blanket. It’s the perfect “take a break from life” flavor that you can now enjoy anytime of year.

Satisfies like coffee, but it's not

Why Nummy?

We totally get it. You love the coffee experience... the taste, the smell, the warm mug in your hands. But the caffeine makes you feel awful: heightened anxiety, stress, jitters and the dreaded crash leave you to deal with sleepless nights and exhausted days. That sucks.

This is why we created Nummy. It’s a caffeine-free, super delicious herbal alternative that actually tastes like coffee. Sound impossible? Hundreds of raving fans say otherwise.

save money with nummy

Easy on the wallet...

Did you know that each package of Nummy makes up to 150 cups for less than 20¢ per cup? That’s an incredible value!

We offer tiered discounted rates on one time purchases - the more you buy, the more you save!

Plus, we offer free shipping on all our orders to Canada and the US. Woohoo!


Only seconds
to make

Making your morning cup has never been faster. Just put a scoop of the instant powder in hot or cold water, stir and enjoy! That’s it! No brain power or appliances required.

herbal coffee alternative

Pure, natural ingredients

Our product is Vegan, non GMO, and sugar free with all natural ingredients that make you feel SO good! In each cup of Nummy you get the amazing health benefits of dandelion root, chicory root, barley and rye extracts. 

Wait, did we say dandelion? You bet we did. That annoying little weed is a health food rock star.


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