Meet Corey & Akiko

Our Story

This is a story all about how...

we discovered we had caffeine intolerance.

As a result, Nummy Creations was born.

Corey's Story

In January 2020 I made the tough decision to cut caffeine out of my diet (by the way, this was my 4th attempt at doing this). You may be asking why I would volunteer myself for that kind of torture?

I noticed I had high levels of anxiety, trouble sleeping, jitters all day and constantly had to go to the "little boys" room, even during business meetings! It was debilitating and affecting every area of my life. The only times I ever felt relief from these symptoms was when I cut caffeine out of my diet. So I knew I had caffeine intolerance. I could never stick it out though. I tried so many different coffee alternatives out there, although some of them were decent, they didn't satiate me in the same way that coffee did.

I was determined to create a drink that ticked all the boxes that coffee does, just without the caffeine effects... nummy creations was born.

Cutting caffeine out of my diet has transformed my life. I enjoy sustained energy, am much more calm and balanced, and can handle life's challenges in a healthy, productive way. Since drinking nummy everyday, I realize there is no need to suffer the way I was, and I want to share it with the world!

Akiko's Story

Since high school, I always had a co-dependent relationship with coffee. I LOVED coffee. I loved the smell, the taste, the experience while drinking it... I was one of those weirdos that would go down the coffee aisle at the grocery store and sniff the coffee through the air vents. I know, talk about the ultimate love affair (don't tell my husband😉) The problem was, coffee didn't love me. At all. Whenever I drank it I felt like my blood turned into water. I would get lightheaded and jittery, and would instantly have to run to the washroom for a full bowel clean out. Over time, I would get gut rot and eventually get the dreaded crash at around 3:00pm. If I didn't have coffee, I would suffer a horrible migraine. My adrenals were taking a beating and eventually at around age 26 I suffered from adrenal fatigue syndrome. Just doing the dishes would make me crash on the couch for a few hours. It was horrible.

Over the years I have battled with trying to cut caffeine from my diet, but it never stuck. When my husband was struggling with anxiety, that's when we started to seriously look into making our own caffeine free alternative.

This entire healing journey reminds me of the saying "the prettiest flower grows in the biggest pile of shit". We both went through some unpleasant health challenges, but I am so grateful for that. For without them, nummy would not have been born.

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